About the Mountain Top Arboretum

The Mountain Top Arboretum is a living museum of trees and shrubs created for the education and pleasure of the public.  Its founders, the Ahrens family, designed and planted a seven acre mountain top area starting in 1977, to display the range of native and exotic trees and shrubs that successfully adapt to the rigorous climate at 2,400 feet elevation. Today we have twenty three acres of displays in three distinct areas: the West Meadow, the Woodland Walk, and the East Meadow. We conduct programs for the public including the Annual Garden Fair, summer lectures, and workshops.  Self-guided tours are encouraged and guided tours are possible by calling the Executive Director. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 518 589-3903)

Our Mission

The mission of the Mountain Top Arboretum is to provide for the Catskill region a unique and beautiful mountain top environment for a living sanctuary of native and exotic trees and shrubs. Using this sanctuary we will:

  • Engage in the applied science of horticulture;
  • Promote stewardship of the environment;and
  • Offer a diversity of programs for the education and pleasure of the public.

Our Organization

The Arboretum is lead by its Board of Directors, whose members are elected at the Annual Meeting held in May of each year for three-year terms.  The Board meets at least three times per year.  It also conducts business through committees formed by the Board from time to time.  There is an Executive Committee that is empowered to act between regular meetings of the Board, a Finance Committee, a Nominating Committee, a Membership Development Committee and a Horticulture Committee. Committee members can include persons who are not members of the Board.

Mountain Top Arboretum, PO Box 379, Rt. 23C and Maude Adams Rd., Tannersville, NY 12485, 518 589-3903