What is That Tree

Marc Wolf
Maude Adams Road Plant Walk

Mountain Top Arboretum

June 18, 2016

Acer pensylvanicum, striped maple, moosewood, Sapindaceae

top 20 trees leftUnderstory tree
Leaves opposite, serrate, 3-lobed, 5" to 7" long and wide, bright green.
Green, white-striped bark very striking.
Flowers yellow in long pendulous chains, followed by long samaras in pendulous chains.
Among the most shade-tolerant of deciduous trees, can sucker in very deep shade.

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The Gilboa Forest

Robert Titus

painting by Kristin WyckoffVisitors to the Mountaintop Arboretum get to wander through our modern temperate forest and it is a wonderful experience. But we should all appreciate that there have been forests right here continuously for almost 400 million years.  Throughout all that time forest ecology has been evolving into what we see today. But, if we can imagine ourselves returning back all those millions of years we would find ourselves in one of the world’s oldest forests: known to geologists as the Gilboa Forest. The fossils of this ancient ecology are preserved in many Catskill rock sequences. 

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