The East Meadow

After a short walk down Maude Adams Road, you will see the “East Meadow” sign on your left. Follow the winding path across a small seasonal stream. Continue walking straight ahead and pass through the deer exclusion gate:

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Follow the map on the left to visit  the features listed below.

11. An allee of tall white pines will bring you to the Pine Grove, an area in which various pine species and cultivars are being tested for hardiness. Beneath the pines in the shady understory are ferns, wildflowers, and deciduous azaleas. You can continue your walk by heading east toward the Pump House. Passing through the deer fence gate toward the Pump House you have a few choices of paths to explore this natural wet meadow area:

12. If you take the path to the right, you will be on the Fern Trail, containing native trees commonly found in a mountain wetland setting.

13. You can head straight toward the Pump House, a small building built in the early 20th century to pump water to a nearby house. Today it provides irrigation to the Arboretum’s plantings in the East Meadow. Water from this spring and nearby creeks are part of the immense New York City water supply system.

14. From here take the boardwalk through the abundant wetland shrubs, grasses and sedges, and wildflowers. Because this is an unfenced area, wildlife as well as birds, amphibians, and butterflies are often seen here, especially early and late in the day.

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