The West Meadow

The West Meadow has a variety of collections that feature plants that are compatible with the challenging conditions found here, including extensive bedrock, thin soil, and windy exposure. After passing through stone pillars, follow the path in a clockwise direction to view several of the highlights of the West Meadow....

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Follow the map on the left to visit  the features listed below.

  1. Rain garden is designed to slow down and contain runoff from the meadow, and is planted with acid loving shrubs which thrive in this damp sunny area.
  2. The Bird Cove is just north of the Rain Garden. It is planted with a variety of native trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses that offer birds and native pollinators food, shelter, and nesting places. The Arboretum is a birding hotspot, and there are over 60 species you may see here depending on the time of year.
  3. Cross through the meadow to the Spiral Labyrinth is designed for your enjoyment, and contains grasses and perennials that are both deer resistant and favored by the native pollinators here.
  4. Continuing clockwise, you will come upon the dwarf conifer berms, displaying some of the smaller members of the conifer clan.
  5. The exposed bedrock seen here dates to the Devonian era (Devonian Bedrock audio), and is about 375 million years old. This ancient sandstone was once part of a Catskill Delta stream that flowed to the Catskill Sea, and the land along the stream part of the ancient Gilboa Forest. Around the pond are dawn redwood and bald cypress.  The dawn redwoods are among the most ancient trees still living on earth, found across the entire Northern Hemisphere 65 million years ago, when the dinosaurs still roamed.

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