Woodland Walk

The Woodland Walk is a deer-fenced area intended to preserve and display the native habitat of the Northern Catskills. You will find typical examples of the native trees of our region as well as their natural understory partners of shade tolerant shrubs and wildflowers. The walk itself is a short easy stroll on three connected circular paths that take you past many of the components of a woodland landscape.

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Follow the map on the left to visit  the features listed below.

7. Spring on the mountaintop arrives in April, and features Native wildflowers like Trillium. Another easy to recognize flower in the Woodland Walk is Jack-in-the-pulpit, and Trout Lily or Dog’s Tooth Violet. All these lovely spring blooms are found mostly along the upper path in the Woodland Walk.
8. Mountain Laurels, Kalmia, both the species and hybrids, are natives shrubs with spectacular blooms in late June. This broadleaf evergreen likes some protection, and does well in the slightly warmer and less windy Woodland Walk. This area also has some American chestnut, Castanea dentate, taken from various chestnut stock and breeders’ selections. These trees will interbreed with blight-resistant chestnuts, and there is hope that seeds produced will develop an American chestnut that is both blight- resistant and well adapted to this region.
9. The Outdoor Classroom, also known as the Woodland Amphitheater is a good spot to sit for a few minutes and experience the sounds and scents of the woods.
10. The Fairy Garden is an area where children are encouraged to build fairy houses, gardens, forts, and more using the natural materials kept on hand here.

Continuing past the Mountain Laurels there is a gentle descent through an area of New York ferns which covers the forest floor. At the bottom of this path is the Sunny Meadow. The water that flows through here first emerges from the mountain right at the entrance to the Mountain Top Arboretum, and winds its way through the Woodland Walk, across the Sunny Meadow, and continues downhill through the Hidden Marsh, eventually joining the Sawmill Creek in Tannersville


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