Mountain Top Arboretum Education Center

“An Appeal For Our Better Nature”

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Throughout its existence, the Mountain Top Arboretum has lacked a proper facility to present its message and to engage the public. It has used tents and local facilities such as a theater or church, but these facilities require fitting in with competing uses, and the visitor misses the opportunity to enjoy both the presentation and the Arboretum itself. In particular, presentations for children have proven difficult because of the need to keep the children in another facility’s defined space, and because climate restricts programming to summer months when schools are not in session. Learn more about the environmental design.

InNewBarn 375 short 2014 the MTA Board of Directors selected Jack Sobon, a noted architect in timber frame construction to create two buildings, a three-bay maintenance barn (completed in 2016) and 2,100 square foot Education Center, which will include the Arboretum’s administrative offices and library. joshHorses 450The special aspect of these buildings’ design is that the frame, wood structural members, siding and other elements will be constructed using wood harvested from the Arboretum lands

  • The north wing of the Education Center will be single room with vaulted ceiling that will accommodate approximately 75 people in a combination of perimeter benches and movable chair seating. This room will be used for lectures, presentations, demonstration projects and workshops. Its walls will be used for educational displays.
  • The south wing of the Education Center will house the office of the Executive Director, an assistant’s office, and a small conference room that will also contain the Arboretum’s library of horticultural books. It will be a major benefit to have the Arboretum’s staff on site rather than in town as it is currently. There will also be a full basement for storage and for the building’s mechanical equipment.

EC floor plan 675NS

  • These two wings will be joined in the center by a spacious entry, which will also serve the educational function of exhibiting displays and offering brochure material. The entry will be the gateway through which visitors can pass between the parking area and the Arboretum’s various outdoor display areas. It will also provide space for attendance overflow at Arboretum functions. 

With your contribution to the Education Center Capital Campaign you, too, can be a part of this exciting project. Make a gift today and help us make history.

To contribute: Print donation form and send or donate now through Paypal.

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